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If I believed in fate I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice

May 5th, 2008

tres pesetas @ 01:28 pm

[accidental voice post]


This has gone on long enough! You need to get your butt home right now, young man! You're out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past your curfew! Do you have any idea how worried Chel and I are?! Do you not think about these kinds of things?! We don't know where you are! You could be dead in a ditch for all we kno--


[/voice post]

April 22nd, 2008

dos pesetas @ 11:09 pm



[ooc: Yes, affected. Means he speaks in poor-Shakespearian. And yes, that's him sticking his head over the top of the apartment building and shouting at the general City.]

April 21st, 2008

uno peseta @ 02:56 pm

[accidental voice post]

You see, this? This is why I like to have a plan. Riding off into the sunrise without any idea where we were going was bound to land us in this situation! And falling face-first into a fountain is not my idea of fun or adventure, never mind what certain people might say. Give me a good plan and a known course of action any day of the week over wet pants and uncharted territory.

Though I suppose you will be only too pleased at this turn of events.

All right. Let's figure out where we are and how we can get back. All we need is a--

[/accidental voice post]

ooc; concrit, tracking @ 01:41 pm


How's my driving? Am I swerving off the road? Hitting people in the ass end and not pulling over to sway insurance information? Comments here are screened--drop a line and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can improve! I love concrit. Feed me.


Going to link all posts, threads, and logs here, in order to track how well I'm participating. It's mostly for my reference. I'll do a post at the end of every month wrapping it up.


5 - tres pesetas

1 - Evelyn - Arrival; Leanansidhe - Inspiration
5 - Mori - Truth; Tamaki - No sense
6 - Miguel - Arrival; Miguel, Yachiru - Reason




February 27th, 2008

ooc; application @ 12:00 am

Current Mood: creative

[nick / name]: Dane/Tsuki
[personal LJ name]: wrytersblock/tsukishine
[other characters currently played]:

Hiruma Yoichi :: Eyeshield 21 :: fuckingqb
Kyrie :: Devil May Cry 4 :: sing_my_faith

[e-mail]: bangbang.shot.down (at) gmail (dot) com
[AIM / messenger]: bangbang_shot_down (Y!M) / bang baby shot down (AIM)

[series]: The Road to El Dorado
[character]: Tulio
[character history / background]: Tulio and Miguel have been together long enough to have established a certain reputation, at least where law-abiding citizens are concerned. That reputation is not a very good one, either. Two people with a penchant for cheating and lying, in Spain circa 1519 the pair are not quite notorious, but certainly well-known enough to warrant their own Wanted poster (though not two separate ones; in the interest of saving ink and paper, Tulio and Miguel actually are featured on the same poster together).

A bout of good fortune (thanks, mostly, to cheating) lands the pair with a map to the fabled city of El Dorado. Fleeing a rampaging bull upon being caught cheating, the two land themselves on a boat bound for the New World. They are discovered and imprisoned on board, with the promise of floggings and Cuba in their future. Busting out of jail involves an apple, a horse, a long boat, and no pry-bar of any kind whatsoever. Their jailbreak is successful to a degree: they are no longer in the brig, no longer on the boat, and indeed very independent. However, their supplies are pretty much destroyed and they took on, in the course of their escape, an extra passenger in the form of Altivo the war horse.

Luck (pure, this time!) lands them on the sandy beaches of an unknown isle, which revels itself to be home to the fabled city of gold that they were fortunate enough to still have the map for. Blazing a trail through uncharted (mostly) territory finds the city of gold. and a series of coincidences has the residents believing that Tulio and Miguel are gods.

Rather than correct them, the pair allow this thinking to continue, in order to gain access to a rather large amount of gold. This is when the pair meet Chel, a native woman who is onto the con even before it starts, and who offers her assistance--for a price. Said price being a ticket out of dodge once it's all said and done.

Tulio and Miguel are wined and dined by the City of El Dorado. Competing for the "gods" affections are the high priest Tzekel-Kan and the Chief of the city; unfortunately for Tzekel-Kan, a man who embodies Schadenfreude, Tulio and Miguel find the peaceful and party-loving Chief much more to their tastes. Suspicion arises when Tulio and Miguel show absolutely no desire to have people killed in their honor, which leads the high priest to take matters into his own hands.

Meanwhile, tension arises between the two when Tulio has a momentary lapse in memory and forgets that it's supposed to be bros before hos. Miguel, discovering that his heterosexual lifemate is cheating on him with Chel, decides to stay in El Dorado, rather than stick to the plan of hopping on the boat and heading back to Spain with all the gold.

One thing leads to another and the pair manage to defeat the evil Tzekel-Kan (using the same techniques that help them elude arrest back in Spain), spare El Dorado from ever having to meet the villainous Cortez (by knocking over some pillars and losing all the gold), repair their friendship (shake on it!), and set off for another adventure as an OT3 rather than an OTP (hi Chel).

[character abilities]: Tulio possess the remarkable ability to cheat. He's a pretty adept liar too. Not the best around, but it's a talent he exploits. He also has a bit of a flair for theatrics.

[character personality]: Tulio loves gold. He loves money. He will do whatever he can to possess it--within reason. His own reason, of course, not everyone else's. He sees no reason doing an honest-days work when a few crooked hours will be much more profitable, especially when he's got such a flare for cheating. Really, anyone he can con deserves to be conned--after all, a fool and his money are soon parted, so the saying goes.

The man with the plan, Tulio is usually the guy that figures out how to get him and his partner in crime (literally) out of trouble. The fact that his plans aren't always carried out exactly as he laid them out is besides the point, of course: in general, his schemes are the means by which he and Miguel escape by the skin of their teeth (and no thanks to certain unnamed persons for getting in the way and doing all they apparently can in order to make things even harder).

Tulio is pretty level-headed, recognizing a need for restraint, especially in terms of conning other people. Subtlety and a lack of embellishment is a safer route to take than pushing his luck. Quit while you're ahead, and all that. Get the money and get out, before they discover you're playing with loaded dice.

Of course, if he's discovered, Tulio is more than willing to point the finger at Miguel. This is merely for theatrical purposes, a tactic used as a distraction so that he and his partner can maneuver themselves into a more beneficial position in order to make their big escape.

Tulio is the serious one, and perhaps because of this, is usually the one that gets "picked on," as the case may be. His stick-up-the-butt act, when employed, is pretty impressive, though he is capable of loosening up on occasion and having fun. In his experience this is usually when monkey's steal his clothing and he has to run naked through the forest to get the flea-ridden articles back. It's just the way his life goes. Whenever he puts on his "I-mean-business" face, someone comes along and kicks a ball into his head.

He basically boils down to an older-brother, responsible type--to an extent. He feels no qualms about exploiting other people to get what he wants (gold~!), though he has a degree of protectiveness for the very few people he's close to; even when said people convince him that he's surrounded by idiots. There's an air of dependability to him, at least where Miguel is concerned, and in this relationship he very much takes on the task of leader. Seeing as he's the only one with common sense, it seems only right.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]:
Just after the end of the movie.

[journal post]:

[voice post]

You see, this? This is why I like to have a plan. Riding off into the sunrise without any idea where we were going was bound to land us in this situation! And falling face-first into a fountain is not my idea of fun or adventure, never mind what certain people might say. Give me a good plan and a known course of action any day of the week over wet pants and uncharted territory.

Though I suppose you will be only too pleased at this turn of events.

All right. Let's figure out where we are and how we can get back. All we need is a--

[/voice post]

[third person / log sample]:

He knew it. He knew it. He'd said this was a bad idea but he'd let them lull him into a false sense of security. Tulio could tell that Chel was really going to hurt his argument-winning ratio: he usually came out about even when it was just him and Miguel, but with both of them working at him, insisting that adventure meant no planning, and just relax already and stop worrying, Tulio really didn't have a prayer of winning. The Face combined with...well, just Chel as a whole, really...spelled his ultimate doom.

And what happened when he relaxed and went with the flow and let them convince him that not having a plan wasn't such a bad idea?

What happened was Tulio tripped over an upraised root he hadn't noticed, fell head first through a hole in the ground that dumped him, somehow, into a fountain in an area that might as well have been a whole other world. And frankly, Tulio had just about had it up to there with new worlds. One in the span of half a lifetime was enough, thanks.

Miguel would flip over this, though. Tulio could picture his excitement effortlessly, without even turning to look at the blonde.

Because, of course, he hadn't tripped on his own. Oh no. No. Miguel had assisted in this matter quite a bit, but grabbing Tulio's shirt front and trying to use him as an anchor when he'd tripped. Because he'd been ahead of Tulio at the time, his foot was the first one to discover this upraised root that had pitched them into the abyss and landed them in this situation.

"You lose." He didn't bother looking. He just held out a hand. A flash of gold from the corner of his eye had him snatching the coin out of the air.

Well, at least something good had come out of this mess. Two pesetas richer wasn't much of a silver-lining, but it would hold back the panic for another couple of seconds, at least.


second sample just in case

There was no such thing as "too easy." If anyone were to complain about something being too easy, it would be Miguel, who needed the thrill of adventuring and challenges to entertain himself. Tulio liked things that went easily and smoothly, though. The quicker he could con a man out of his money and get away, the better. He was definitely a minimum-effort, maximum-reward kind of guy.

So this target was definitely not too easy. He was just easy enough. An oblivious fool that didn't seem to understand the concept of loaded dice, which was fine by Tulio, who felt like he could relax a bit more. Cheating always left one open to getting caught, and that meant (if you were smart), that you were left on the edge of your seat, waiting to be discovered. Unless you found a target like this, who seemed in awe at Tulio's luck to continuously roll the magic number seven.

A bubbling glee was building at the sight of all that money piling up. It'd feel wonderfully heavy in his pockets, cool against his palms until his skin warmed the metal. He was looking forward to basking in the reflected light of that gold. To feeling it fall through his fingers and drop into his lap. Just thinking about it was enough to make a happy sigh come dangerously close to slipping out as he gave the dice a shake and tossed them to the ground.

"Seven!" He crowed, and did a little strutting dance. He couldn't help himself--all that money made him a little bit more goofy than usual.

All this playful happiness vanished, though, as a hand grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked him him off balance. Stumbling to right himself Tulio turned a cautious gaze to the person that he could feel literally breathing down his neck.


"You," the easy target growled, holding up a palm in which Tulio's dice were sitting, "are a cheater."

A beat passed. Tulio's mind churned steadily, even as that shivering nervousness raced over his spine. Right. Not a good situation. Only one thing to do.

"I beg your pardon?!" Tulio shouted, in his best outraged voice. He managed a fair impersonation of indignant, chin even jutting forward with just enough of a challenge. "Just who are you calling a cheater?!" And, while his mouth was busy trying to distract the guy, his mind was occupied sending Miguel a mental signal to hurry up and intervene before the guy started using his fists to do more than wrinkle his shirt.

If I believed in fate I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice